30th October 2011 – Pallid Harrier in Ayrshire

Getting fed up with the patch at the moment, nowt happening at all, just the usual two Spotted Redshanks still lurking about but little else of interest. So I enjoyed a short trip out of the county this afternoon to watch a superb juvenile Pallid Harrier in Ayrshire at Garnock Floods near Irvine. Blimey it’s only a few years since this species was an absolute mega rarity, but in recent years they have become almost expected. However they do have a habit of turning up in far flung places (from a Cumbria perspective anyway), so the opportunity to see one only a couple of hours away seemed like an opportunity not to be missed. Plus it’s been nearly nine years since the last one I saw. It gave very good scope views on and off this afternoon along with a brief male Hen Harrier. Unfortunately too distant for my DSLR setup so these record shots were the best I could manage.

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One Response to 30th October 2011 – Pallid Harrier in Ayrshire

  1. Chris Baines says:

    Hi Darren
    I was there yesterday, must have missed, you great effort.

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