17th October 2011 – Reported too late again…

For me, part of the enjoyment of finding a rarity is staying with it and getting as many others to see it as possible. This adds to the satisfaction and pleasure of finding the bird in the first place – it’s great to see happy birders’ faces as they clap eyes on a county rarity that you’ve just found. You will notice that nearly all of my finds have been appreciated by a wider audience, part luck yes, but also because I make a huge effort to share my good fortune too. Of course it is up to the individual to choose how they wish to report their sighting and no-one can be forced into reporting a good bird just so others can see it, but to me it just seems a real shame that the (very) few rarities that choose to touch down in Cumbria can’t be enjoyed by more than just the finder when there is no good reason….

Needless to say this morning I spent a fruitless few hours searching my patch for the Long-billed Dowitcher that was reported (too) late yesterday. I’m hoping that if the report was genuine, then maybe it’ll be relocated soon. (This bird was later rejected by the BBRC). This morning just the usual stuff was present, 2 Spotted Redshanks still, one Black-tailed Godwit still with the Redshank flock, and two Little Egrets being the highlight. A distant adult Med Gull at Bowness carried a green ring on it’s right leg.

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One Response to 17th October 2011 – Reported too late again…

  1. Mike Mills says:

    Hi Darren, Great site, thanks. Was heading for Port Carlisle this weekend and found your site and checked out in case anything of note stirring. Couldn’t find a mention of anything but enjoyed a browse of your site and your ‘Reported too late again’ piece. Then, what do you know – cycling the last few miles to P. Carlisle as a big spring tide dropped away we met with a juv. sabines gull at Campfield Marsh – brilliant encounter but 4.15p.m and no birding paraphanalia with us apart from the binos, staying at B and B and not home till Sunday evening. Yes we’re guilty as described!
    In our defence, great as the bird was we were bushed and had other priorities. Perhaps this bird had been there parading in front of optics for the past week – how was I toknow?. Having got near to twitching many years ago I am so out of touch now as to how to let fellow birders know anything and I didn’t have such resources with me. Then there’s the matter of confirming the ID – I did take notes and drawing and was certain what it was – but then I did want to check it out in the guide, once home, before shouting my mouth off! So there are some mitigating circumstances.
    As we cycled home today my wife and I chatted about how compromised the birding is when you’re doing a hard slog cycle ride – no scope, no bigger lens, no guide etc. Now when out for the birding it can be a different matter and lets face it – it is good to gain the credit and gratitude when others see a bird that you put on a plate for them.
    Keep up the site, really appreciate it.

    Mike Mills

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