6th July 2011 – Bonelli’s in the bag

Hearing a singing Western Bonelli’s Warbler in this country is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity, so when one was found on territory in Derbyshire last Sunday I was keen to give it a go. I knew that it was going to be a tricky bird to actually get views of but undeterred we set off down the M6. Just over 2 hours later we were on site at Arnfield Reservoir near Tintwhistle and soon listening to the birds distinctive short song. During the 4 hours we were there the weather threw everything at us – torrential rain, hail, thunder, and occasional warm sunny spells, and I think the changeable conditions played a part in the birds elusiveness. But we did see the bird well, albeit briefly, for a total of about 6 seconds! Three lifers in the space of a month -and it’s midsummer, what’s going on?

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