1st July 2011 – Garden birding

Nowt much to report really, Port and Bowness dead on the few occasions I’ve checked. But I’m actually quite pleased there’s nothing about as I’m ‘scopeless’, my 20-60x zoom eyepiece is on its way back to Leica in Germany for repair, the zooming mechanism had stopped working completely and the eyepiece also had a tendancy to fall out of the scope body by itself, which obviously ain’t good. So garden birding has been order of the day, thankfully quite a lot to keep me entertained, loads of youngsters and at last today I got a (poor) pic of one of the Spotted Flycatchers.

Interestingly the male Woody is metal-ringed, and is presumably the same male from last year, he also brought his youngsters into our garden to feed. Nice.

The gropper has started reeling again and is audible from the garden, although he’s much harder to see amongst the thicker foliage.

Over the weekend I was having a closer look through my scoter pics from our trip up to Aberdeenshire on the 16th, and I came across this one….

The bird on the right kind of looks interesting, just wish we’d seen it in the flesh instead!

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