Half way through my fortnights holiday, and plans to go to the south of the county for some birding today were hastily re-arranged when news of a WHITE-THROATED ROBIN (!) at Hartlepool Headland came through. Incredible. It took a minute or two for the news to sink in – a White-throated Robin, and only a couple of hours away from me. We were soon on our way, although progress was slow along the A66 – largely due to me forgetting about the Appleby Horsefair – big mistake, should’ve definately done the A69. Still, we were strangely chilled out and slowly plodded on, arriving at the bowling green at 1210pm. And the relaxed theme continued when we got there, the bird was on view straight away, the crowds were relatively small so there was no jostling for position and the Robin was strutting it’s stuff. Very enjoyable.

Nearby, just south of Seaton Carew, an absolutely stunning male Red-backed Shrike was seen at North Gare, giving unbeatable views. Shrikes are without doubt one of favourite birds, so to see a male like this was a real treat.

We finished off the day with a quick look at Saltholme Pools where we saw a sleeping Spoonbill – are they ever awake?!  

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One Response to 6th June 2011 – WHITE-THROATED ROBIN!

  1. mac says:

    nice one . we got it mon 6pm from docs and more hectic but great views for both . think preffered your views but we further away and me lear jet in for service lol

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