17th April 2011 – Fall of Wheatears, 1st Whimbrel of the year and the Solway Bore…

Up with the lark this morning, it’s definately best to get out early on Sundays before the usual disturbance by fishermen and walkers, and it was really worthwhile. On the marsh I soon became aware of lots of Wheatears, and I mean lots, there had clearly been some kind of fall overnight. During my walk I counted in excess of forty birds, I was seeing them everywhere, and most were smart males too. I can’t remember the last time I saw so many, certainly over ten years ago anyway. Here’s some of my favourite pics of them…

Also on the marsh were several Hares…

My first Whimbrel of the year gave it’s presence away by it’s far-carrying flight call, and gave nice views as it flew past me. Later on at what was presumably the same bird was seen at some distance on the mudflats.

Whilst watching the Whimbrel I suddenly became aware of a roar coming from further out – I could see the Solway Bore was fast approaching! Not quite on the same scale as the famous Severn Bore it is nevertheless an impressive sight – the peace of the estuary is shattered as it surges past. Superb!

Back home in the garden a showy Willow Warbler allowed for some photographic opportunites…

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