16th April 2011 – Ross’s and Ravens

Local birding can be hugely enjoyable, but so far this year it has reaped very few rewards for lots of time and effort put in, and it can get a bit frustrating. I’ll keep plugging away. I was amazed at how many Barnacle Geese were still on Rockcliffe Marsh today, flippin’ millions there were – and the lone wintering Ross’s Goose was still hiding amongst them too. And what a sight and sound when they took to the air. The funny thing is that whenever the birdy magazines do a feature on where to see geese there is never any mention of Cumbria, yet every year we are treated to huge numbers of Barnies and Pinks. Whilst taking in this breathtaking spectacle I heard the distinctive call of a Raven, and looking round I could see two birds circling over the marsh – always good to see them on the Solway. Blackcaps were in song and Willow Warblers were everywhere, also Swallows seem to have arrived in greater numbers in the last two days.

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