25th March 2011 – Nest box neighbours?…

During the early winter I made 4 nest boxes and put them up in the garden – and clung on to the hope that just maybe some Tree Sparrows may be tempted to move in. Now call me a dude if you like, but the last few days has seen a lot of interest in my boxes, and I’m chuffed to report that 3 of them seem to have potential occupants – two pairs of Tree Sparrows and a pair of Great Tits in the other. Exciting stuff! It’s early days yet, and the behaviour of the Tree Sparrows is a bit odd, they seem to be around the boxes during the early mornings, but then lose interest later on. Not sure if this is normal. ‘Hanky panky’ has been observed several times close to the boxes and they’ve been seen taking nest material in aswell. Keeping my fingers crossed. These pics were all taken through the lounge window so they’re not great.

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