1st January 2011 – Rare wildfowl steal the show

A skein of Pinkfeet over the cottage at first light heralded the start of another year. Soon Brambling, Stock Dove, Bullfinch and Tree Sparrow had helped boost my new year list up to 25 without setting foot out of the house. A look across Burgh Marsh from the bus shelter at Boustead Hill revealed that large numbers of Barnacle Geese were on the Cumbrian side of the Solway, and amongst them I quickly spotted the Ross’s Goose. This was a very nice surprise as it has been in Scotland since 27th November last year. Wellies on, I yomped across the marsh to gain better views, and as ever, it was a lovely walk. A couple of Twite and a Merlin kept me entertained on the walk, and then as I got closer I set up my scope to observe the geese. Here’s my best digiscoped efforts of the Ross’s…

One leucistic Barnie was also present as was the hybrid goose resembling a blue-morph Snow Goose.

Then a Peregrine flew over and all the geese took to the air – an awesome spectacle!

I carried on towards Port Carlisle, not much happening here, so my final stop of the day was the scrape at Campfield to see if it was free of ice. Thankfully it was and amongst the Teal I was chuffed to find a Green-winged Teal. Unfortunately photographing birds on the scrape is difficult, they are just too far away to get good shots, add to that the dull conditions and these record shots were the best I could manage. Still, a nice way to start the year!

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One Response to 1st January 2011 – Rare wildfowl steal the show

  1. Nice to meet you at Talking Tarn today, thankyou for your patience.
    Some great ticks here I’ve never seen anything at Campfield no matter what time of the year I visit.
    Thanks for the advice on Port Carlisle, I’ve tried the old Railway embankment at Bowness on Solway but your site sounds much better.
    My website is mainly landscapes but I have some of my bird shots http://www.flickr.com/photos/after-the-rain/
    I’ve bookmarked your site so will keep up with what you’re spotting.
    Take care,

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