16th October 2010 – County tick – Yellow-browed Warbler!!

We left Craster behind and arrived back in Cumbria at 1145am. We were sat in McD’s in Carlisle when my phone alerted me to a Yellow-browed Warbler ten minutes from home! This is a tricky one to get in Cumbria, they are just about annual at South Walney (a 200mile round-trip for me!), but birds elsewhere in the county are generally either single observer sightings or untwitchable (or both). This bird had been seen briefly in Sam Northwood’s garden earlier this morning but had subsequently vanished. Thankfully it reappeared at lunchtime and after a quick phone call with Sam I was on my way. Soon I was in his back garden at Whitrigg near Anthorn, but the warbler had seemingly disappeared again upon my arrival. I needn’t have worried as a  short while later it was located again, favouring a couple of small apple trees in the corner of the garden. Fantastic! At last Yellow-browed was on my county list. Over the next hour or so it didn’t leave these small apple trees at all, and neither did it call whilst I was there. I wonder how many ‘silent’ birds are overlooked? Big thanks to Sam for allowing birders into his garden.

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