13th October 2010 – Another Yellow-browed, but this one showed really well!

A quieter day birdwise. Ventured to the ‘tin church’ again, and as soon as I got out of the car I could hear a Yellow-browed Warbler calling. Surely I’d be able to see it, the call was continuous, but I couldn’t see any movement from the area I thought it was coming from. Then I noticed some mist nets, and a birder in the bushes, and put two and two together! What an arse, I’d been listening to a bloody tape for ten minutes. I spoke to the birder, who turned out to be ‘Newton Stringer’, a chap who writes an entertaining blog which I read regularly. It was with some surprise when he emerged from the undergrowth saying ‘do you wanna see a Yellow-browed?!’ From within a bag like a magician he carefully extracted a rather gorgeous, and unbelievably tiny bird. Only when you see a Yellow-browed as close as this do you appreciate the beauty, and wonder at how something so delicate, is capable of such huge migrations. Truly stunning, and many thanks to ‘Newton Stringer’.

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