12th October 2010 – Yellow-browed Warbler at Craster

My early morning walk at Craster was productive again with loads of crests and Robins still about, the regular buzzing Willow Tits, and the Lesser Whitethroat was also still present. The hedgerow bordering the Heughs was full of Yellowhammers, Tree Sparrows, a few Brambling, and lots of Blackbirds and Robins. Again I searched for the Radde’s but again no sign, however whilst I was there I heard a Yellow-browed calling behind me. The bird seemed faithful to a shortish stretch of the hedgerow but it was relunctant to come out from cover, and very hard to photograph in the gloom.

Whilst I was watching the Yellow-browed a striking warbler bird landed in the same view, and I was immediately struck by the grey upperparts contrasting with the greenish wings and tail. However as it turned I could clearly see it was a Chiffchaff. The supercilium was buff (no yellow) and the underparts were quite white, with some buff along the flanks. It did not call but I can only presume it is either of the race ‘abietinus’ or ‘tristis’ – any help appreciated!

It’s head is missing – but you get the idea!!

And here's its head.

Striking bird

Three or four Wheatears were present along the beach at Embleton Bay.

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